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Pullmanturair- Pullman Air Review. The flying Bus

As there is very little information in English about this tour operator Pullmantur’s airline Pullmanturair  I dicided to write a review post about the the flight Madrid – Cancun.
Usually the inflight enterainment is novadays so good that its not boring on long flights but not in pullman air. There is actually not a such thing you can call entertainment as there are only 4 chanels with some crapy movies that you can even not start yourself. Now im sure the plane is from the 90′s. I heard some romours thats an old iberia plane that pulmani
The huge  Boing 747 (Jumbo)   is filled up with young passengers flying from madrid to  all inclusive destination Cancun. Altough safty the plane gives my a safe feeling and seat space is good .
A really nice is that you can bring 1)
Pullmantour (pullmanair ) let the passenger starwing during their flight serving only disgusting food in 11 hours. Food some terrible looking sandwiches an even water costs 2 eur.



 The prices for soft drinks are for 250ml small cans and mine came colpletly frozen .Its stange at i always thought that all airport catering food comes from the same  kitchen. In any case they choose the cheapest option just serving some pasta that clearly offend my italian roots.

. So come prepered. My tip:

Buy some nice fruits in local grocery and bring your own food . Cold beer is now available at all duty free shops in spain for around 1.20 eur a can 330cl if you watch out for it.

Another tip. Buy a portable power bank for your mobile or tablet in order you dont have the risk to run out of battery with your own enterainment system.  This is also amazing if you think about spending some time in more rural places in a cabaña where no electricity is available or is limited.


Tip. Row 39 abc and is on the emergency exit and has massive leg space   . No tv but you wont miss it anyway.

  1) bagage up to 40 kilos included and 8 kilo hand laguage. Thre is also plenty of hand laguage storage space in the plane.


Kitesurfing in the Yucatan peninsula Mexico: Kitesurf in Mexico

Even if Yucatan is not very famous for kitsurfing during my 12 days stay on the peninsula in March I managed to kite every day exept one and i only missed that day it because i wss not expecting the wind picking up that much during the evening the sunset.

kitesurf  tulum

kitesurf tulum

In this Blog I will speak about the following kitesurf Spots of the Zucatan peninsula:

  • Kitsurfing in tulum.
  • Kitesurfing in Si’an Ka’an biosphere.
  • Kitesurfing on holbox island.
  • Kitesurfing isla blanca
  • Kitesurfing in Celestún                                             thanks to

Ver Kiitesurf Yucatan en un mapa más grande

Conditions for Kitesurfing in Yucatan:

During the december to march is dry and also wind season. Usually wind is around 12-18 kn and the dominant wind direction are north and south. With the north wind temperature  drops and it can get relativly cold (cold enought to get the turist from the beach especially if its cloudy) . With north wind the wind can also be very strong and on 1 day on isla blanca I was riding my 6 m i (im around 75 kg) so probaly  around 30 kn. I would really recomend you to bring a shorty as with strongrr  north wind it gets quite cold.
If there is not really a forecast you can still hope for some wind on sunset and sunrise .
The are some spots situated on the estern side the caribean site and also on the golf. The cristal clear water and whity sand beaches are situted on the caribean while the golf is not offering this excellence although on the north of holbox island the beaches are super nice too.    

Kitesurfing in tulum.

Most of the time we were spending in tulum as it is a super relaxed village on the carribean. We just loved tulum for the extreamly nice beach, laidback atmosphere, nice food and cocktails ,  party options on weekends , the maya ruins ( tulum and coba (the only ruins you can climb) and the incredible   amount of nice cenotes in that area.  So plenty of reasons to stey there relax and enjoy. The only problem in tulum and on the caribeam part of mexico is that accomodation is super expensive or super basic if you choose to just stay on the beach. A nice cottage with private bathroom and clean is minimum 80 eur during dry season and more during spring qnd other holidays. Thats why we choose to stay in tulum town in hotel casa rosa which has extremly clean and perfect king size beds  for 400 pesos.
During the stay there was almost every day a light north forecast on winduru 10-15 knots. The model is the right one to look for. The wind gets much stronger jn the afternoon. The locals were all riging the kites in the afternoon and the wind always picked up with the sun going down sometimes to more then 20 kn after sunset. The good wind direction with north comes nice cross shore and there are defently super nice kickers and also little flat betwen the waves. The shorebreak can be though for beginners and the palm trees dramatically decrease the launching space.
Unfortunatly it was never blowing the whole day and i only got some shorter sessioms before the sun went down.

My prefered launch was around the stretch of hotel “villa las estrellas “Where two kitesurfing schools are located.

My tips for tulum:
Eating: corazones is a nice garden restaurant with good food and drinks. Nice to get a drink but almost only couples.

El camello. The local seafood restaurant amzing portions, prices and fresh seafood. Try octopus , sewitche and the fresh fish:

seafood tulum

 Do diving or guided snorkeling in dos ojos cenotes. Its amazing entering the caves and gloating in the cristal clear  water

Clean nice hotel inexpensive . Hotal casa rosa.

Visit coba maya ruins and climb the piramis. See the nice forest on the arcelogical sight.

Go to punta allen to see delfines and turtels. If you have private car or motorbike stay on one of the deser beaches.

Go cenotes for diving or snorkeling
Fundive without padi at casa cenote. You can see big fish and the caves. Its like a big swimming pool with mangroves.

 Kitesurfing in Si’an Ka’an Reserve which is next to Tulum:

Go kiting in the lagoon entrance for mirror flat water . Kitesurfing is not permited acording to local boatsman in the lagoon itself .


river sain kaan tulum

Kitesurfing on Holbox:

The island can only be reached by boat. Here the timetable of the ferry from 2013,:

holbox ferry timetable

holbox ferry timetable

For kiting the main beach in the village is quite boring as it’s very choppy and no waves, Instead the lagoon few kilometers upwind after the last houses of the village is really incredible. It’s best at a higher tide,

kitesurf holbox

kitesurf holbox

Top things to do on Holbox:

Discover the Island by kite or wal along the beach

Go to raices beach bar in the village to get awsome frsh fish: seafood on holbox

See taxi fares prices to get to Holbox without private car or bus:

Go to cariocas to have incredible nice food in a  real italian restaurant .

Kiteusrfing Chelestun:

flamencos chelestun

In Chelestun Town it’s possible to kite with nord wind. It’s quite stable wind that comes cross onshore. Watch out for the electricity cable, Water is quite choppy also, Best reason to go to Chelestun are the flamenco but watch out as the lagoon gets flooded with strong North wind there are only flew flamencos there (they can’t swim and do only walk or fly) ,


Kitesurf Isla Blanca,


This is Yucatan Most famous kite spot and it’s a peninsula besides the name and can be reached in a 15min drive from  Cancun. You can find lots of inforation about the spot All directions work great but with South you get mirror flat water in the lagoon. nly problem it’s not very deep and there is some coral and not only sand on the botom.