Pullmanturair- Pullman Air Review. The flying Bus

As there is very little information in English about this tour operator Pullmantur’s airline Pullmanturair  I dicided to write a review post about the the flight Madrid – Cancun.
Usually the inflight enterainment is novadays so good that its not boring on long flights but not in pullman air. There is actually not a such thing you can call entertainment as there are only 4 chanels with some crapy movies that you can even not start yourself. Now im sure the plane is from the 90′s. I heard some romours thats an old iberia plane that pulmani
The huge  Boing 747 (Jumbo)   is filled up with young passengers flying from madrid to  all inclusive destination Cancun. Altough safty the plane gives my a safe feeling and seat space is good .
A really nice is that you can bring 1)
Pullmantour (pullmanair ) let the passenger starwing during their flight serving only disgusting food in 11 hours. Food some terrible looking sandwiches an even water costs 2 eur.



 The prices for soft drinks are for 250ml small cans and mine came colpletly frozen .Its stange at i always thought that all airport catering food comes from the same  kitchen. In any case they choose the cheapest option just serving some pasta that clearly offend my italian roots.

. So come prepered. My tip:

Buy some nice fruits in local grocery and bring your own food . Cold beer is now available at all duty free shops in spain for around 1.20 eur a can 330cl if you watch out for it.

Another tip. Buy a portable power bank for your mobile or tablet in order you dont have the risk to run out of battery with your own enterainment system.  This is also amazing if you think about spending some time in more rural places in a cabaña where no electricity is available or is limited.


Tip. Row 39 abc and is on the emergency exit and has massive leg space   . No tv but you wont miss it anyway.

  1) bagage up to 40 kilos included and 8 kilo hand laguage. Thre is also plenty of hand laguage storage space in the plane.


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